John R. Harris

Engineering executive, systems architect, business and technology strategist. John has worked across industries as a technology leader, developing innovative technology solutions for clients as diverse at The British Geological Survey, Cisco, Wells Fargo and Philips Healthcare.

John Blogs at VirtualTravelog or you can follow him on twitter at VirtualTravel


Digital Transformation and Continuous Change

The main benefit of digital transformation is increased business agility but the price is having to manage continuous change. It takes new strategies and tactics to be successful.

Risk Management for High Stakes Projects

For high stakes projects where failure to deliver a defined feature set, or delivering late, would be catastrophic a more formal approach to risk management is required

The Enduring Agile Enterprise

For the Agile Enterprise to endure it must adopt a strategy that preserves key knowledge over the long term

The Limits of Evolutionary Design

Rather than a wasteful Darwinian exploration of a problem space it is cheaper and more effective to guide the process - Here's how.

When Rough Design is Good Enough

Rough Design up Front is a great way to start many projects but when is a rough design good enough?

Setting Objectives for Agile Projects

Setting business objectives for agile projects is essential if those projects are to ensure success, but most agile methodologies are silent on how to do this.

Rough Design Up Front

Rough Design Up Front, is often the best way to start a project. Not every project is so complex and uncertain that is must be evolved from scratch. Significant parts of most solutions can, and should, be designed up front.